Bluebell Ice Cream

Categories: Art Direction, Advertising

Bluebell makes old-fashioned,
traditional ice cream that tastes like it was homemade.

The task here was to promote their smaller, pint sized ice creams. Spring boarding from Bluebells existing brand, their nostalgic approach to ice cream was used to build a campaign based off the idea that guilt can be good.

Hand painted with real Ice cream, like one would do as a child playing with their food, messages were written conveying the idea that guilt, remorse, and indulgence do not have to be bad.


NIU AIGA 3 Signature Gold Award Winner in Advertising

The American Advertising Awards - Bronze in Advertising

Graphis Merit Award Winner in Advertising


A social media campaign was built, promoting people to hash-tag their photos of themselves indulging in Bluebell pint sized ice cream with #GoodGuilt. Every week, Bluebell takes the photo with the most likes and make it their "Flavor of the Week". Promoting that person and their Instagram, Facebook, and twitter.